Why shop at CannaCare

Why shop at CannaCare


 1. We offer cannabis food supplements containing full-spectrum extract CBD Plus and CBG Plus in the form of high-quality capsules, drops and creams.

2. Apart from the CBD-based products with a calming a relaxing effect best suited for night use, we also focus on the above-standard CBG content in supplements suitable for your active day mode.

3. Full-spectrum, the synergy of all components and the Entourage effect, is a matter of course.

4. We offer products with a high concentration of CBD and CBG, usually not offered by the competition in our country or worldwide.

5. The cultivation, research and production takes place in the Czech Republic under the supervision of professionals and experts in various fields.

6. Our own laboratory provides us with perfect conditions for an innovative approach and modern research, thanks to which we’ve already achieved success in the world.

7. In addition to cannabinoids, our food supplements contain other beneficial substances, such as sea buckthorn oil and various herbal extracts.

8. Our company originated from an associated non-profit organisation. We support research into the healing effects of cannabinoids.

9. We help patients for whom conventional treatment of serious diseases proved ineffective.

10. Using patient data, we can develop other, potentially even more beneficial products and demonstrate that a professional approach to cannabis really helps.

11. Our long-term goal is the development of products for the treatment of specific diseases.