Research treatment

The HARP research treatment

HARP is a voluntary research-application programme aimed at the treatment of predominantly oncological and neurological patients. The main purpose of the programme is to collect medical data in order to confirm the effect cannabinoids have on the treatment of specific diseases.




Established in 2015 as a project part of Institute SIS, HARP (Human Application Research Programme) builds on seven years of research in cooperation with renowned medical and biomedical centres in the Czech Republic and Israel.

Patients in the HARP programme are given free preparations made from technical cannabis varieties approved for cultivation in the EU. These preparations contain mainly Full-spectrum CBD or Full-spectrum CBG as the main component. Unlike many other commonly available preparations, our products do not contain THC.


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Clinical study of successful treatment of paediatric epilepsy

Our initial research results confirm the effectiveness of the treatment in the fight against paediatric epilepsy, whilst the research into other diseases is still ahead of us. Teamed up with our partners in Israel and owing to Israeli legislation, we have been able to prove the effectiveness of our methods used in the treatment of paediatric epilepsy in a series of clinical trials with a very convincing statistical relevance of over 70%.



HARP patients

As part of our HARP research-application programme, hundreds of patients are currently using alternative treatments for common and serious diseases. Here are some of their testimonials regarding their experience with the use of cannabinoid- based preparations.


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Karolína Ř., 40 
breast cancer

"After chemotherapy, you actually feel like you’ve been poisoned. During the second cycle of treatment, I got access to products containing CBD and CBG thanks to the HARP programme, and compared to the first round, it was an incredible relief. It helped me with nausea, abdominal cramps, and I slept better. In general, it’s such a relief, physically and especially mentally. Ultimately, the tumour disappeared faster and instead of the the expected 16 cycles of treatment, I only had to undergo 11."



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Jitka H., 62
breast cancer

"A friend who is a nurse told me about the possibility of using cannabis products. Before that, because of the hormonal treatment, my hair would fall out, my legs and arms were always swollen, and my joints ached. I thought I would lose my teeth because my gums were bleeding constantly. After three months of taking capsules and applying oil, I noticed major improvements and I’m not aware of almost any side effects anymore. Unfortunately, I am still being treated for metastases, so I definitely plan to continue to take cannabis."



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Anna Marie - 4

"Anička was diagnosed with aggressive cancer when she was half a year old, and after a few attempts at traditional treatment, we were told that she had a few months to live at best. The doctors did their best, but nothing worked, so we decided to try alternative approaches. Initially, we hoped that CBD would at least restore her appetite. But it also relieved her pain and helped her sleep better. Now Anička is four years old and she is prepping for kindergarten. The metastases appear to be inactive - the current ones aren’t growing in size and new ones don’t seem to be appearing."



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Rest, dog Rypák - 12 let 
prostate tumours

“My dog Rypák was diagnosed with malignant tumours, and the vet recommended chemotherapy. Such a treatment seemed far too arduous for a 12-year old dog so I decided to try alternative treatment. After two months, we went for a check-up and the tumours no longer appeared to grow in size. They looked smaller during the following check-up and disappeared completely in the next three months."


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Tereza V., 25
postpartum scars, breast cancer (her grandmother)

"I like to look for alternatives to traditional drugs, which I don´t like very much. Almost everyone in the family uses cannabis to treat various problems ranging from common wounds and abrasions to postpartum scars or even psoriasis. My grandmother used CBG and CBD capsules to treat breast cancer, and I believe it helped her with the pain and definitely prolonged her life."


Are you interested in signing up for HARP, or do you know someone who needs help?