About us


CannaCare is a company focused on the research and manufacture of preparations with high concentrations of cannabinoids, namely CBD and CBG. Apart from that, we are also working on product development using other cannabinoids not yet available on the market.

Our search for alternative paths was mainly motivated by a number of diseases for which conventional treatments proved ineffective. After personal experience with cannabis-based preparations used for treatment, we followed up on years of research and started our own research-application treatment programme called HARP, which allowed us to develop our own products. The positive results of the programme strengthened our resolve and belief in the purpose of this journey and thus led to the foundation of CannaCare.



Fully self-directed

We are engaged in extensive research into all aspects of the production of cannabis - based preparations. From the cultivation (under conditions required for processing in pharmaceutical quality) through extraction methods to the development of final formulations and their clinical testing. Thanks to this large basis, we have been able to successfully develop unique manufacturing processes and drug forms.





Our successes

Our methods have proven effective in the fight against childhood epilepsy

Research results confirm the effectiveness of the treatment in the fight against childhood epilepsy, whilst the research into other diseases is still ahead of us. Teamed up with our partners in Israel and owing to Israeli legislation, we have been able to prove the effectiveness of our methods used in the treatment of child epilepsy in a series of clinical trials with a very convincing statistical relevance of over 70%.


We built the first autonomous growing space in the Czech Republic

We constructed our own growing space, which uses solar energy and where all production takes place autonomously (irrigation, darkening, afterglow, temperature regulation, CO2 content, etc.). We are fully capable of reproducing this project anywhere.





Key people in CannaCare



Jan Martin Paďouk

Head of research and development,

co-founder of the company

— Vice President of the Czech Cannabis Cluster
— Head of the HARP Programme
— Head of research and development at CannaCapital

Today, Jan is the author of more than 10 research projects in the field of production and processing of pharmacologically active substances contained in cannabis.

“My personal experience with a serious illness 15 years ago significantly broadened my horizons. The negligible effect that conventional treatment had on my disease sparked my interest in alternative solutions. That’s how I discovered the possibility of using cannabis-based preparations rich in cannabinoids. Cannabis saved my health and most likely also my life."


"Our common and long-term goal is the most accurate research into as well as the development of effective cannabis-based products for the treatment of specific diseases."



Cannabis is a crop with incredible potential in (but not only) pharmacy. There are numerous other fields where its use can be found to a large extent. On top of that, ecological sustainability and zero waste (where cannabis fits perfectly) are values hugely important to our company.



Initial impulse

Our effort to help patients by offering alternative forms of treatment resulted in the establishment of the non-profit organisation Institute SIS and the HARP programme, where we provide research-application treatment for serious (primarily oncological and neurological) diseases, free of charge. In the last five years, over 500 patients have undergone our treatment. The treatment’s many positive results inspired the specific formulation of our products and their launch on the market.

Company history



Launch of cannabinoid research.

Comparison of extraction technologies.



Study and comparison of forms of application and their effectiveness on tissue
cultures and model organisms.

Foundation of the SIS Institute.



Variety pairing.

Extensive collection of medical data and

pairing of varieties with specific diseases.



Breeding of our own varieties. Commencement of growing space construction for

growing cannabis in controlled conditions



Selection of final varieties of cannabis and product formulation (CBD, CBG).
Application of products in the form of drops, capsules, creams and


CannaCare project launch.



Entering the market and start of sales.

Establishment of a HARP programme consulting room



What’s next?

Now, CannaCare products can finally become part of your medicine cabinet. See our complete offer.

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